"Patience instead of flash lights and technology"

Interview with journalist Teresa from the online "ma-gazin" for mothers

"How does one get from the somewhat dry and number-heavy discipline of economics to photography? For Ralph von Kaufmann, a photographer from Hamburg, all it took was a coffee-table book by the famous war photographer Robert Capa, a good eye and a feel for unique moments. For his newborn, baby and pregnancy photography, he also brings experience, sensitivity and time. All that is needed for a wonderful, natural baby photo shoot.

A pair of baby twins snuggle up to each other or lie opposite each other, sleeping peacefully - relaxed, calm, harmonious. For Ralph von Kaufmann, this is exactly the right moment to press the shutter. The photographer from Hamburg has the best prerequisites for a great baby photo shoot with excellent results: Experience through many years of photo work, patience and sensitivity through his own children and a priceless knowledge of how to deal with newborns, their parents and mothers-to-be, through his wife, who is a midwife. It's hard to believe that for Ralph it all began with a degree in economics and the photographer Robert Capa. A picture book by the famous war photographer provided the initial spark for the current profession, but the economics studies were still completed. Just in case!

Ralph is not fixed in terms of subject matter. In addition to advertising and interior photography, reportage and portrait photography, at some point he also included expectant mothers and fathers and babies and their parents in his repertoire of motifs. It is above all the naturalness that inspires him in his little "models" and completely sets them apart from the artificiality of advertising photography. And, in order to emphasise precisely this unmistakable purity, the photographer completely dispenses with a cool studio atmosphere, flash, additional accessories, such as cuddly toys, and unnecessary technology in his baby photo shoots. Only the natural daylight, a heat lamp brought along and the cosy and comfortable atmosphere of your own four walls provide the perfect conditions for beautiful pictures and a relaxed basic feeling for mother, father and child.

It is above all the play with selective focus and the sometimes unusual choice of perspective that make Ralph's photos special and unique - as far as technique is concerned. He also has an incredibly good eye and a feeling for the right moment. His images are clear and expressive, artistically very appealing and do not need warm colouring to convey emotion and intimacy. Ralph's unique style brings him commissions mainly from clients who are themselves active in the visual field. Above all, however, they appreciate his calm, patient approach to babies and his ability to ease the parents' excitement. For him, it is important that the chemistry is right. And to gain the trust of the little ones, he also likes to carry them around before the shoot begins.

Ralph usually sets three hours for a photo session, as he can never predict how well or badly it will go. Every shoot is different and a challenge - just like the babies themselves. Many of the wonderful shots come out of spontaneous movements, grimaces and actions of the children and this works best, in Ralph's experience, when he arrives at the family's home in the morning. The newborns are usually in a good mood and most relaxed at this time of day. For Ralph, there are two time windows that are perfect for a portrait session with babies: In the first six weeks after birth for newborn photography and after five months when you want slightly more lively and active images. Whatever you choose, with Ralph von Kaufmann you have a photographer by your side who can empathise with his human subjects, takes his time and takes really fantastic, authentic photos of you and your love. Without flash and without decoration, just as you are - pure and beautiful."