Hochzeitspaar mit Trauzeugen bei der Landhochzeit läuft gemeinsam über die Felder am Gutshof Woldzegarten in Mecklenburg Vorpommern beim Hochzeitsfotograf Landhochzeit Hamburg

Wedding Reportage in Mecklenburg

A country wedding on the Müritz estate

After a relaxed breakfast at the country wedding at the Woldzegarten estate in Mecklenburg, we met at noon at the large brick church in Röbel an der Müritz for the wedding service and baptism. To the surprise of his bride, the groom, as a Citrön lover, had organised a historic gangster limousine "Traction Avant" for the motorcade back to the Woldzegarten estate. He mastered the task of starting the engine by hand crank with flying colours. The meadows and trees around the estate were perfect for the bridal couple photos of the still small family ...